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Transmission Troubleshooting

Transmission Fluid Leaking

Transmission oil is necessary to lubricate your gearbox and keep it cool. In an auto transmission, the fluid also helps to transfer the power to the gears, so you need a certain amount of pressure for the transmission to work. Any drop in the level of the transmission fluid makes it less effective.

Without enough transmission fluid, it’s only a matter of time before things go seriously wrong, so visit an auto transmission specialist at A Automotive Services before it’s too late!

Watch out for:

  • Transmission fluid spillage under the car
  • A knocking sound when changing gears
  • Transmission clicks when you use four-wheel drive
  • Engine over revving when changing gear
  • Lurching or delays when selecting drive or reverse.

The fix:

  • Locate and fix the leak
  • Top up or replace transmission fluid
  • Repair or rebuild transmission.

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