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What are the warning signs of a faulty automatic transmission?

There will usually be indications of a fault with your automatic transmission long before you run into serious trouble. So you have to be aware of what to look out for.

  1. Feel the motion
    One of the hardest changes to spot is if your transmission simply doesn’t feel the way it used to, as the change could be gradual. Be on the lookout for gear changes that happen later or take longer than you expect. They may even be jerky, not as smooth as they should be. A shuddering gear change is always cause for concern.
  2. Listen
    Listen to the revolutions of your engine. If the engine revs between gears, that’s a sign that something is wrong with the automatic transmission. If the revolutions seem to be out of sync with how your vehicle moves, pay close attention. For instance, when revs are high, but the vehicle moves too slowly or not at all. Unexpected, unusual noises could be a telltale sign of trouble too.
  3. Smell
    Sometimes faults show themselves through a burnt smell. This could be the transmission fluid.
  4. Failsafe mode
    If your vehicle is equipped with a failsafe mode, this may engage. Failsafe keeps your vehicle in one gear if there is a problem with the transmission, so you can at least keep moving. If this happens, drive as little as possible and get specialist attention as soon as possible.

Transmission faults can be hard to identify. So if you spot anything that causes worry, it’s best to get your vehicle to the professionals at A Automotive Services as soon as possible.

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