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Auto Transmission Tips & Advice

How can I extend the life of my auto transmission?

The most important things you can do to prolong the life of your auto transmission don’t require any change in your driving habits. Yes, it’s better to avoid fast acceleration. You may want to shift out of D when waiting at a traffic light. But these things will hardly make a notable difference.

What you really need to do is pay attention to checking and changing your auto trans fluid and having it serviced once a year by a trained specialist.

If your vehicle is fitted with a dipstick for the automatic transmission fluid, it’s no trouble to check it whenever you check your water and engine oil. You can even top up your transmission fluid with very little effort. Just make sure you use the recommended fluid for the particular make and model that you drive. This is not an area where you should take chances or skimp on cost.

If you use your vehicle for towing or a lot of driving in mountain passes, you may want to install an auxiliary auto trans fluid cooler to prolong the life of your transmission.

The big thing to remember is that your auto trans is usually not included in a normal service – you have to ask for the automatic transmission to be serviced. Do this at least every 15 months or once every 25,000km, whichever comes first.

If ever you suspect that there may be something wrong with your auto transmission, don’t take chances – get your vehicle to a specialist repairer as soon as possible.

Automatic transmissions are highly specialised and complicated instruments, so all repairs & rebuilds should only be done by the experts. Contact A Automotive to get a quote today.

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