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How often should I service my automatic transmission?

When you take your vehicle for a regular service, this usually does not include servicing your automatic transmission. You have to ask specifically if you want your auto trans serviced or repaired.

How often you have to do this depends on the make and model of your vehicle and how you use it. The auto transmission in a vehicle that is used for towing or that accelerates and decelerates more than usual will need attention more often.

The operating temperature is also a key factor. Automatic transmission fluid that may last for over 80,000km at 100°C may only last a quarter as long at 125°C.

Some vehicle manufacturers suggest you can go more than 100,000km with the same fluid, while others even claim to have developed automatic transmissions that never require fluid changes! Nevertheless, it’s a sensible precaution to have your automatic transmission fluid levels checked when you do it for your engine oil.

Experts suggest you get your auto trans serviced at least every 15 months or 25,000km. If it’s well looked after, your automatic transmission can last well in excess of 200,000km. On the other hand, transmissions that aren’t checked and serviced can fail not having done half that distance.

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