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Automatic Transmission Tips & Advice

How do I check the fluid level in my automatic transmission?

Most cars have a dipstick for you to check the fluid level in your automatic transmission. If your vehicle has one, checking it is easy. You may be out of luck, though, as some models don’t have such a dipstick and only a transmission specialist can check the auto transmission fluid level.

  1. Find the dipstick.
    Your owner’s manual should show you where it is. Usually it’s behind the engine block, on the other side from the belts.
  2. Get the necessary equipment.
    You need a rag and (if a top-up is required) a long, thin funnel and the right kind of fluid. It is very important that you find out exactly what kind of transmission oil should go into your car. They’re not all the same. Filling your transmission with the wrong kind could be about as bad as not having any at all and could lead to a major auto trans fault.
  3. Park your vehicle on a level surface.
    This ensures your reading isn’t slanted by fluid pooling on one side of the auto trans.
  4. Check if your engine should be running or not.
    Your owner’s manual should tell you. On some cars, the engine should be warm and running, while others are best checked warm, but not running. If it should run, put your vehicle in P and let it idle. Be careful when working under the hood – you don’t want anything of yours caught in the moving parts.
  5. Use the dipstick.
    Pull it out, wipe it clean with the rag and put it back in its place, pushing down all the way. Pull it out again and check how much of the stick is covered in fluid. The level should ideally be between the two marks on the dipstick. Also look at the condition of the fluid itself. It’s usually red when new, going brown later. If it’s quite dark, you may need to service the transmission.
  6. Top up if necessary.
    Use a long, thin funnel and pour the fluid into the hole, only about 250ml at a time. Let the fluid settle for a few minutes before gauging the level again. Be careful not to overfill the automatic transmission, as its correct functioning depends on having just the right fluid level. Too much and the transmission may develop problems.
  7. Replace the dipstick.
    Make sure it’s all the way in and fits snugly. All done!

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