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Automatic Transmission Rebuilds & Repairs

From small adjustments to complete overhauls

Fixing an automatic transmission failure doesn’t have to be expensive. It may only require a small adjustment or a standard automatic transmission service. However, an auto transmission is a complex piece of machinery and it may require extensive work to repair problems. Whichever is the case with your car, it’s best handled by auto trans specialists.

Adjustments, minor repairs, reseals and replacement parts

A number of transmission faults can be fixed without having to remove the automatic transmission. Sometimes the necessary repairs can be achieved with nothing but a small adjustment. Even a transmission service that checks the automatic transmission fluid and filters could eliminate the problem.

The problem could be electronic. The computer that controls the transmission may send a wrong signal because a sensor is faulty. Or the message can be corrupted by bad connections or a faulty solenoid. Many of the electrical parts can be reached by simply removing the oil pan, which is not a big job.

The throttle cable is sometimes the source of a fault, often as a result of accidental damage. Vacuum modulators, used in some vehicles instead of throttle cables, may also need adjustment. The bands in older transmissions can also be adjusted fairly easily to avoid slipping. All the seals apart from the front seal can be replaced without removing the transmission.

Depending on the particular automatic transmission in your vehicle, it may be possible to replace a number of parts without a major dismantling job. With jobs such as these, it is not possible for any reputable repairer to provide a warranty, as there may be potential problems developing inside housings where they could not be seen.

Major transmission repairs and overhauls

To find out everything that may be wrong with your automatic transmission, it is necessary to remove it from your vehicle and take it apart piece by piece. We inspect each component individually. If it is damaged or not functioning properly, we’ll replace it. Parts with friction surfaces, for instance clutches and bands, often need to be replaced, as do the torque converter. We also replace soft components such as seals and gaskets. Other parts that are good for many miles to come we’ll give a thorough clean and put back in their place.

When we have completed this work, we have the assurance that your auto trans will work perfectly for a long time to come. We’ll give you our A Automotive Warranty on your automatic transmission.

Auto transmission rebuilds

When your auto transmission requires extensive work, you have the option to have it overhauled and re-installed in your vehicle, or to replace it with another. A rebuilt or remanufactured automatic transmission for your car is usually available at short notice, so you could be back on the road sooner.

At A Automotive Services, we have rebuilt transmissions in stock that we have worked on ourselves, or we can provide you with an imported auto trans that carries our A Automotive Warranty.

To get your automatic transmission rebuilt or repaired by the experts, contact A Automotive Services today to get a quote.

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