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Exchange Rebuilt Transmissions

The fast way to get back on the road after transmission trouble

You may not want to wait while we rebuild your faulty automatic transmission. Since an auto transmission is so complex, rebuilds can take some time to rebuild. To get back on the road sooner, you can choose to install an exchange transmission instead – that is an auto transmission we or one of our approved suppliers have already reconditioned.

The exchange rebuilt transmission gives you a thoroughly overhauled automatic transmission that fits your vehicle. One that has been checked in every detail, with any damaged or worn parts replaced and everything else carefully taken apart, cleaned and reassembled. So you can rely on it to last you for a long time.

Buying an exchange rebuilt transmission could also work out cheaper than rebuilding your original automatic transmission. Our technicians can advise you on this on a case by case basis.

What we do to give you an exchange transmission

A Automotive will use our extensive resources to find a suitable exchange rebuilt transmission for you. It could be either one we have on hand or one we get from one of our selected suppliers.

We’ll recondition and install the exchange rebuilt transmission, ensuring that it operates perfectly with the other parts of your drivetrain. As with our automatic transmission rebuilds and repairs, you’ll get our full 15 month/25,000km warranty on your exchange rebuilt transmission.

To get an exchange rebuilt transmission fitted into your vehicle by the experts, contact A Automotive Services today to get a quote.

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