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Electronic Diagnostic Scanning

Get an accurate insight into the performance of your vehicle

Many modern vehicles come standard with sophisticated on-board diagnostics (OBD). At A Automotive Services, we have all the latest electronic diagnostic scanning equipment to draw information from your car’s OBD port and interpret it accurately. This allows us to identify any faults or underperformance and make the necessary repairs or do some fine-tuning.

So you get trouble-free motoring and the best performance from your vehicle.

Modern on-board diagnostic systems can provide a list of diagnostic trouble codes to identify any malfunctions. They can even give real-time data on specific vehicle sub-systems while the car is in operation, for instance specialist automatic transmission diagnostic data. All this vital information is available via a standard digital communications port.

Over the years, various scanning tools have been developed to access and help interpret this data. They provide very accurate information that enables us to do very cost-efficient and effective repairs for our customers.

Diagnostic scanning tools help us find and fix faults

A Automotive has made a considerable investment in electronic scanning equipment, acquiring some of the very best available. The extensive range of electronic diagnostic tools we use include industry leaders such as the Carman Scan VG, Launch X431, Autoboss V30, TranX 2000 and the Answermatic VBT 4000 which enables us to test valve bodies on transmissions. The Answermatic VBT 4000 simulates the valve body being cycled as if it was inside the transmission of the vehicle whilst driving.

Our scanning equipment enables us to run comprehensive tests:

  • Access on-board diagnostic data for more than 40 different car manufacturers, using the latest open diagnostic technology.
  • Perform actuator, multimeter voltage and scope tests.
  • Display ignition diagnosis and sensor status.
  • Isolate faults by testing the transmission separately from the transmission computer.
  • Monitor computer signals to the auto trans.
  • Test wiring harnesses, solenoids, force motors and sensors.
  • Simulate actual road conditions to test the valve body of the transmission.
  • Hydraulically check oil pressure in all circuits, e.g. clutch packs and bands.
  • Identify faults in sub-systems – not only in the auto trans but also in the engine, SRS and ABS.
  • Compare maintenance records for the vehicle in question and save records to a database via the Internet.

However, even the best equipment is only as useful as the person operating it. So at A Automotive we have made sure that our technicians are well-trained to use the electronic tools, evaluate the results and take the required remedial action.

So you know any problems with your vehicle will be identified quickly and repaired in the most efficient manner.

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