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Auto Transmission Diagnosis

If you think your auto transmission isn’t performing as it should, bring the transmission to A Automotive Services and we’ll strip it and find out exactly what the problem is.

If your vehicle is inoperable and won’t go at all, don’t worry! We’ll come tow your vehicle FREE of charge from anywhere in the Auckland Metropolitan area to our workshop in Glenfield.

Once our specialist auto transmission technicians have identified the problem, we’ll contact you to report back with what needs to be done to get your transmission fully operational again. We may suggest a range of alternatives, with costs and timings for each remedial action.

If at this stage you decide to go ahead and get your auto trans repaired, reconditioned or rebuilt by A Automotive, you’ll get everything we have done to this point completely FREE of charge!

* If you do not wish us to make the repairs, charges may apply to recoup our costs. If the transmission is in the vehicle we will charge our normal hourly rate to remove it before we strip and report.

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